Sunday Service Times

Worship Service: 10:30am
Children are welcome during morning services.

COVID-19 Update

The church is working hard and praying to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time. In order to have in-person gatherings for worship, the church is required by Public Health Ontario to adhere to the following requirements:

  • stay home when you are unwell
  • your church attendance confirmed by calling or filling out the online contact form
  • participation of no more than 30% building capacity
  • a record of attendance will be kept in case needed
  • online services will be available as technical availability permits
  • maintaining a distance of two metres/six feet between all persons
  • seating spaced out throughout the sanctuary
  • members of the same household will sit together and Church Ushers will seat everyone else spaced out every other row and at least six feet apart
  • offering plate is available upon arrival in designated locations for you to place your offering on the way to your seat
  • the opposite chairs in the sanctuary will be used every week so that they are only used once every 14 days
  • masks and hand sanitizer will be available at both entrances and you are encouraged to use them
  • limit singing and loud speaking
  • avoid opportunities for the virus to spread through touch, either directly or indirectly through surfaces and objects, including objects that may be used in rituals or ceremonies
  • Hymn books and Bibles are removed from the Sanctuary
  • please bring your own Bible and
  • songs will be projected on the Sanctuary screen as usual
  • the church will be fully cleaned and disinfected on Monday, including all door handles and light switches
  • please avoid any physical contact with other people
  • washrooms will be closed with the exception of the handicap washroom
  • let a Church Usher know your intention to use the washroom so that it can be disinfected before someone else uses it